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Visit the Apple Valley Fair
Published On October 15, 2018

October 15, 2018

Santa Clara is a beautiful city that is known for having many peculiar sights and attractions. Above all, its association with the Silicon Valley and the nearby technological industries make it one of the most state of the art cities in the state. At any given time, there are an endless amount of technological events or opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. Many of these opportunities can be found at the Apple Valley Fair, which is where we recommend visiting first.

About the Apple Valley Fair
One of the first events hosted at the Apple Valley Fair, which is an Apple founded location that promotes and sells Apple products and all exclusive features that come with their products, is the Music Lab. The most recent Music Lab was hosted on October 19th by Florence Welch and entailed that all who attended the lab would learn how to operate musically inclined programs, but also learn how to record and edit their music professionally. This lab was a wonderful opportunity for those interested in pursuing a musically themed career, or even one that involves producing music via technology.

Of course, this isn’t the only lab offered by this establishment. Hosted by Chase Jarvis is the Photo Lab. Much like the title of the lab suggests, this event is oriented around perfecting your photography skills, while learning how to take the perfect shot and what equipment one should use to do so. This will also include learning how to operate different editing programs to perfect your images, while also receiving helpful tips on the general concept of pursuing photography. This event was hosted at this location on October 20th.

For those who were traveling with children that might not share your enthusiasm in Music or Photographic design work, this establishment also featured an event designed specifically for youngsters. Hosted on October 20th, Kids Hour at the Apple Valley Fair included a full hour of creating movies and was a fantastic learning experience for children of all ages. To discover other artistic daily programs visit Apple Valley Fair here.

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