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Visit Japanese Friendship Garden, San Jose
Published On October 15, 2017

October 15, 2017

For the last 25 years, Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose has been entertaining visitors with its stunning serenity and beauty. This garden was created as an outstanding gesture of friendship between Japan and U.S. and its calming Zen like elements are a major attraction for visitors.

About Japanese Friendship Garden San Jose:

Japanese Friendship Garden is situated at Kelley Park and is one of the busiest tourist attractions in San Jose. The peaceful park was renovated in 2015 and was expanded to the total area of 11 acres where you can relax for hours with your family. This garden is full of stonework and lush gardens; visitors also offer Central Island having a koi pond. Visitors prefer to explore this site throughout the year and it is also the perfect location for celebrations as well. Open from 10 AM to 4 PM daily, this masterful garden and its trickling streams offer a respite from the bustle of The City. You will love this garden because of its 3 scene representations that include mountains, pastoral and water all in one garden. It is also known as a dual culture garden where the climate of the South Bay and regional landscape make it a perfect destination throughout the year. Explore details about this San Jose park at

You will be able to explore Dragon Bridge that has 5 bridges with unique names as per their surroundings. This serpentine dragon representation offers luck, longevity and is a symbol of fortune in East Asia. The dragon bridge ends at a stone waterfall that comprises of stones ranging from 500 pounds to 4500 pounds.

How can we forget to mention the Black Pine Trees present in this garden? These pruned trees are well trained to grow with a horizontal layer of branches and they form attractive cloud patterns in the area. Visitors may also observe so many training tools at this site that are used by gardeners for shaping the trees. Japanese consider cherry blossom trees as most important part of their culture that is why this garden is full of attractive cherry blossom trees and they are a special part of Japanese seasonal celebrations. Other than this here you will find few symbolic ponds that represent the natural world.

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