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Explore the Rancho San Antonio County Park
Published On February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018

Rancho San Antonio Country Park is a part of the open space preserve around thirteen miles west of downtown San Jose and almost equidistant from Palo Alto to the north. While many refer to the park and the preserve separately, they are in fact conjoined and identified as a singular public recreation area by the Santa Clara County. The park as a total area of 165 acres and is a local favorite for hiking, cycling, and equestrian trails, and biological diversity. Mountain lions live within the park and are very important to the health of the ecosystem. Although lions are more active in the evenings, the sighting of these majestic creatures happens throughout the day. The park offers tips on how to keep both the mountain lions and yourself safe while having fun on the trails. The preserve is much larger, spanning around 4,000 acres. The park and the preserve are on 22500, Cristo Rey Drive in Cupertino.

About Rancho San Antonio Country Park

The park is managed by Open Space District. There is a parking lot with restrooms nearby. The facilities within the park include an equestrian staging area, trails for hiking, and tracks for jogging. There is a substantial portion of many trails that would spread out to the open space preserve. Mountain lions sightings have been reported, however, the trails are safe. There has been no untoward incident in living memory so you can put on your hiking boots and set out for a day of outdoor adventure.

The area you would access from the parking lot is South Meadow. It has a play area. Next to it is the staging area with troughs for watering the horses. There is a North Meadow that is a short hike from the staging area. You would need to cross Permanente Creek to get to the grass where you will find barbecue and picnic spots. The picnic spots can be used by a maximum of twenty-five people at any given point in time. Be early if you are packing a picnic since the tables are available to whoever comes first.

If you have enough time, you should explore Black Mountain. Here you can enjoy panoramic views of Silicon Valley and the Santa Cruz Mountains Other attractions at the County Park and adjoining preserve are Chamise Trail, Duveneck Windmill Pasture Are, and Wildcat Loop Trail.

Stay at Hotel EREAL

Rancho Park is seven miles west of Hotel EREAL. It shouldn’t take you longer than fifteen minutes. You should be at the park early in the day if you are planning a visit during a weekend as it gets difficult to find a parking spot. Reserve your stay online at the hotel to get the best deal.