Sep 01

Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park is a popular attraction near Santa Clara. The family amusement park has a garden theme and there are more than fifty attractions including rides, water features, gardens and playgrounds among others. The only limiting factor of Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park, formerly called Bonfante Gardens after its key designer Michael Bonfante and cofounder Claudia Bonfante, is that it is open only on weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. November onwards it remains open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The amusement park is relatively new, dating back to 2001. It is home to perhaps the most popular Citrus trees in the world created by Axel Erlandson.

About Gilroy Gardens Family Park

Admission to Gilroy Gardens is $58 but you can save $23 by buying four tickets or more online, hence paying only $35. Single day admission for a person is discounted to $39. Parking for a day is $15 but buses or vans can park for free. You can also avail a special pass called Fast Lane to skip the queues. These charges are exclusive of taxes and any fees that may be applicable. There are special packages for groups and concessions for corporate bookings and affiliates. You can avail family meal deals that would get you entrees and beverages for four people. Such deals are redeemable at Villa Pasta & Pizza, Uncle John’s BBQ and San Juan Grill. The deal usually costs $36.99. You can also get a souvenir cup at the park that will get you day long soda refills. Cabanas are available on rent for up to eight people per setup. Cabanas usually cost $200.

Some of the popular rides and attractions at Gilroy Gardens Family Amusement Park are Apple & Worm, Banana Split, Balloon Flight‍, Artichoke Dip‍, Bonfante Railroad, Claudia’s Carousel, Illions Carousel‍, Garlic Twirl, Mushroom Swing‍, Panoramic Wheel‍, Pitstop Racers, Quicksilver Express, Rainbow Gardens Boats‍, Sky Trail‍, South County Backroads, Strawberry Sundae, Timber Twister, Tubs-O-Fun, Bonfante’s Splash Garden and Oak Park Playground among others. Gilroy Gardens Family Amusement Park is a truly kids’ friendly place as only a few rides are thrilling enough to be challenging for kids aged three to eight.

Stay at Hotel EREAL

Gilroy Gardens is a fifty minutes drive from Hotel EREAL. The location of the hotel is ideal if you wish to explore Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino and San Jose. Reserve your accommodation directly with us on our hotel website to get the lowest rates.

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Aug 01

Mission Santa Clara de Asis, located on 500 El Camino Real, is a Roman Catholic Church located within the Santa Clara University campus. The Spanish mission was established by the Franciscan order in 1777 and later the Jesuits or the Society of Jesus took over in 1851. The Society of Jesus later set up Santa Clara College, which was the first higher education institute in the state of California. It was the eighth mission in the state and it was so named in honor of Saint Clare of Assisi. She founded the Poor Clares order. The present day Santa Clara University has been developed around the mission.

About Mission Santa Clara de Asis

The mission is dedicated to helping people spiritually and in religious matters. The focus remains spiritual observance, liturgy and pastoral acts at the Mission Church. Mission Santa Clara de Asís was the only one in the state to have been named after a woman and it is still the only mission within a college or university campus. The mission has been rebuilt as many as six times over the decades. Today it serves as the university chapel and as the parish church of the Diocese of San Jose.

Historic Mission Santa Clara is significant, as it has witnessed all major events of more than two centuries, much of the information being documented and preserved. You can explore the historic significance of the mission and the church. You can check out the mass schedule before you plan a visit. The mission organizes various types of events throughout the year that you can be a part of, including weddings and baptisms. There are plenty of things to do in Santa Clara. The mission is certainly one of the unique Santa Clara attractions and you can also embark on a campus tour while you visit the church.

Stay at Hotel EREAL in Santa Clara

Hotel EREAL is just over three miles from Mission Santa Clara de Asis. The hotel is a short drive from various Santa Clara attractions including the Great America, Levi’s Stadium, Intel Tech Museum and 49ers Museum.

Hotel Ereal is an affordable hotel with seventy-four rooms, onsite parking, free Wi-Fi, outdoor heated swimming pool and sundeck. All rooms are equipped with cable television, private bathrooms with tub/shower, microwave, refrigerator and hairdryer. It is a pet friendly hotel. You should book your stay directly at Hotel EREAL to get the best rates:

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Jul 15

Santa Clara is fifty miles south of San Francisco and only ten miles from the heart of Silicon Valley. Many tourists prefer to stay in Santa Clara even if they wish to explore Silicon Valley. There are plenty of things to do in Santa Clara including exploring Great America, Levi’s Stadium, Triton Museum, Anderson Lake and K1 Speed among others. Mercado Complex, also known as Mercado Shopping Center or as just Mercado, is a popular shopping and dining destination in Santa Clara. More importantly, it is a have for movie buffs. Mercado is a popular Santa Clara attraction, especially if there is a major blockbuster in theatres.

About Mercado Complex

Mercado Complex is located at 3111 Mission College Boulevard. It is home to AMC Theatres, aka Mercado 20. There are IMAX and Real 3D theatres. You can catch one of the latest releases or indulge in an extravagant 3D experience of a rerelease. No matter which time of the year you are travelling, you can check the show times at Mercado and you are likely to find most of the new releases. Some of the indie productions may not find their way but you can be sure of catching some of the big studio releases and summer blockbusters. You can make reservations well in advance so don’t worry about getting the choicest seats. Mercado Complex has the provision of reserving theatres and group reservations. You can also rent facilities for private events. Learn more here:

Mercado Complex is also a foodie’s paradise. It has much more than fountain drinks and popcorn to offer. You can definitely get your dose of cheese or flavored popcorns and you can even place the order online in advance so you don’t have to miss the opening scenes. Beyond that you can opt for dine-in theatres, gorge on your favorites at MacGuffins and there is MacGuffins Bar serving popular cocktails, wines and beers. There is no dearth of eating options as you can get a Starbucks, In and Out Burgers, a Wal-Mart, Jamba Juice and Crispy Crème among others before or after your show. You should try Yo-Yo Sushi, Tomatina Italian or Mexicali Grill depending on your preference.

A Top Santa Clara Hotel near Mercado

Hotel Ereal is just four miles from Mercado Complex. It should take you no more than ten minutes to arrive at the multiplex. Hotel EREAL is a business friendly hotel but also perfect for leisure travelers and families with kids. Our hotel rooms have microwave, refrigerator, tea/coffee maker, radio and alarm clock, cable television and telephone with free local calls. You will also get free parking and Wi-Fi.

Book your stay at Hotel Ereal and enjoy all of the entertainment options in Santa Clara:

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Jun 25

Drive fifty miles south from San Francisco and you’ll be in Santa Clara, the capital of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley for many is like a pilgrimage, with the headquarters of many tech behemoths and Intel Museum. For many it is an ideal family holiday, given there is a gamut of kids’ friendly activities including the exciting Great America, Mission Santa Clara de Asisi, Ulistac Natural Area, Triton Museum of Art, Our Lady of Peace Church, Anderson Lake County Park and K1 Speed Santa Clara among others. You should also explore Edward Peterman Museum of Railroad History and Central Park Library. One of the signature attractions of The South Bay is Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, and its 49ers Museum.

SF Levi’s Stadium and 49ers Museum

Levi’s Stadium is a brand new state-of-the-art stadium complex and home of the SF 49ers NFL Football Team. In addition to the arena itself, there is the 49ers Museum, which highlights the successes of the NFL franchise.

49ers Museum is in Levi’s Stadium on 4900 Marie P. DeBartolo Way. There are eleven distinctly unique exhibits and galleries. Sony’s 49ers Museum spans 20,000 square foot and is entirely dedicated to celebrating and archiving the glorious accomplishments of the 49ers. The 49ers Museum is also dedicated to education, heritage and innovation, which collectively offers an exciting and captivating experience for fans.

49ers Museum is open from Friday to Sunday, usually from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It remains closed from Monday to Thursday. There are blackout dates and early closures, both of which can change with little or sufficient notice. Check the dates and times before you visit the stadium and museum. Museum hours will always be influenced or affected on game days and at times the museum will remain open only to those who have tickets to the game.

Admission to 49ers Museum is $15 for adult, $10 for kids aged five to twelve and seniors, active and retired military officers, kids under the age of four get free entry and adult residents of Santa Clara get a discount of $5, so they pay only $10. You can actually catch a game and also visit the museum on the same day if you plan it well.

Hotel near 49ers Museum

Levi’s Stadium and Sony’s 49ers Museum are just five miles from Hotel Ereal. Our hotel has affordable rooms but not at the cost of comfort or amenities. It is also conveniently located for you to visit Great America and The Intel Tech Museum among other major attractions and corporate headquarters in Santa Clara.

Hotel Ereal has seventy-four rooms. There is onsite parking, complimentary Wi-Fi, a heated outdoor but onsite swimming pool and a sundeck. Our rooms have television with cable, fridge, microwave, bathroom with shower and tub, hairdryer and pets are allowed.

Book your stay today at Hotel EReal for the next 49ers game or special event at Levi’s Stadium:

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May 15

Santa Clara is right at the heart of Silicon Valley around fifty miles south of San Francisco. There are many things to do in Santa Clara CA. You can catch a 49ers football game at Levi’s Stadium. You can experience California’s Great America. Other things to see are Mission Santa Clara de Asis, Our Lady of Peace Church, the Convention Center and Central Park. Ulistac Natural Area, 49ers Museum, Statue of Saint Clare, Triton Museum of Art, Central Park Library, De Saisset Museum and Anderson Lake County Park are other major Santa Clara attractions. If you have kids then you ought to check out Boomerang Bay, which is a water park within the larger California’s Great America.

You can get geeky and if you’re the type to be interested in chips, processors or just computers in general, you should look to explore the Intel Museum of Technological Innovation.

Intel Museum of Technological Innovation

Intel Museum of Technological Innovation takes you behind the scenes of how the most popular computer chip in the world is made, works and how microprocessors come to be. You would get to explore a real chip factory. Intel Museum of Technological Innovation is a ten thousand square feet facility and it is all fun filled interactive exploration for kids as well as adults.

Intel Museum of Technological Innovation is located at 2200 Mission College Blvd near the Montague Expressway exit along Highway 101 in the county of Santa Clara. There is an Intel Museum Store as well. Both are housed in what is called the Robert Noyce Building. You could visit the museum and shop at the store on Mondays through Fridays from nine to six and from ten to five on Saturdays.

The museum hosts private events from time to time, mostly official Intel programs, so you may want to check if they are open. There are field trips and student tours from time to time. Such tours are usually two hour long and almost always customized for the specific grades the students are in. Group tours and field trips can also be scheduled.

Learn more about Intel Museum here:

Hotels in Santa Clara CA

The Intel Museum of Technological Innovation is around fifteen minutes from Hotel Ereal. Hotel Ereal is also close to California’s Great America and other favorite attractions in Santa Clara.

The hotel has onsite parking, complimentary Internet, a sundeck and a heated swimming pool outside. Our guest rooms have television with satellite channels, microwave and refrigerator, private bathrooms with hairdryer, tub and shower. It is a pet friendly hotel.

Book your stay at Hotel EREAL today and enjoy exploring Santa Clara:

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May 01

The next time you are in Santa Clara staying at Hotel EREAL, you need to make a stop at The Triton Museum! Right on Warburton Avenue sits the Triton Museum of Art, a cool white building full of arts and local history, among the glittering greenery basking California’s signature sunshine. The go to place for locals and tourists alike, this museum has been hanging art and inspiring artists and art appreciators for the past fifty years! Founded in 1965, The Triton Museum of Art is the oldest non-university museum in Santa Carla, California! And here’s why you don’t want to miss it on your next trip!

Unique and Inspiring Exhibits and More

When you walk through the glossy doors of The Triton Museum of Art you’ll be greeted with sculptures in the foyer and tons of activities to inspire and make you stop and think! Their exhibits alone attract hundreds, with exhibits like the upcoming, “Unlikely elements: The Rhythm of Repetition” where, like the name suggests, combines uncommon elements transforming them into pieces of art! Along with their exhibits, The Triton Museum of Art will also be holding a statewide competition, where artists from all of California will come to showcase their talents.

Workshops and Activities For All Ages

After viewing the exhibits and thinking long and hard about life and all the questions that some of the breath taking works ask, come by the museum stores, if you catch it during spring you could purchase some of their blooming flowers with petals cascading in luxurious colors!

After purchasing some memorabilia to remember the museum by, head over and get the kids into the kid studio where classes are held. If you’ve got a teen there’s also an awesome teen studio where they can learn tons of artistic skills and learn about the histories of artistic mediums! Sit in on one of the workshops yourselves, no matter your age, like the 2-day portrait painting. Whoever you are and however old you are, there’s something here you’ll love to participate in and won’t want to miss out!

Don’t Miss Out

Located just an eight minutes drive from the Hotel EREAL, The Triton Museum of Art, is on a route that is peppered with cafes and plenty of shops along the way to make your stay here in Santa Clara convenient and fun! With hours of 11:00 to 5:00 PM, Triton Museum is a great little attraction that you won’t want to miss when you stay here in Santa Clara, California!

Guests of Hotel EREAL will be delighted find that there are many unique places to visit such as the Triton Museum just a short drive away.  To enjoy the South Bay on a budget, we recommend that you book your stay today at Hotel EREAL at:

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Apr 01

Santa Clara is 45 miles from San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley. Home to many high-tech companies and the Santa Clara University, Santa Clara offers plenty of places to visit. Some of the star attractions around Santa Clara are Levi’s Stadium, California’s Great America, Mission Santa Clara de Asis, and Santa Clara Convention Center, among others. California’s Great America theme park has a hidden secret–a full-fledged water theme park within its confines: Boomerang Bay Water Park which makes for a perfect place to visit to cool off from the hot Valley Sun.

Boomerang Bay Water Park at Great America

Boomerang Bay is the water park in California’s Great America Adventure Theme Park. Boomerang Bay is usually chockablock through spring and summer when the Silicon Valley sun shines brightest. The tall waterslides are just as popular as the roller coasters in the neighboring parent amusement park. The star features at Boomerang Bay are the Boomerang Lagoon, Castaway Creek, Didgeridoo Falls, Down Under Thunder, Great Barrier Reef, Jackaroo Landing, Kookaburra Cay, Ripsnort Ridge, Screamin’ Wombat and Tasmanian Typhoon.

Castaway Creek is a lazy river ideal for swimmers and those who just want to bask in the sun on an inner tube; Non-swimmers and kids can use tubes, or life jackets to make their way down the river. It is a relaxing and idyllic experience. Jackaroo Landing is essentially a splashy play structure with a multilevel fortress with bridges and stairs, rope ladders, and tunnels, buckets, and shooters. This is a great adventure for children. There is another spray ground Kookaburra Cay which is more suited for preschoolers and toddlers. Boomerang Lagoon is a tot pool. Great Barrier Reef is the wave pool. There are plenty of lifeguards on Great Barrier Reef to help allay any safety fears.

Didgeridoo Falls is a waterslide for the whole family where you could glide down on a raft. Down Under Thunder is rather unique with its tube and chute, the almost vertical climb up a wall and coasting down to the ground. Ripsnort Ridge is a 30-foot tall waterslide with a slanted slide at 45 degrees. Screamin’ Wombat is a different take on twists and curves making full use of its height and enclosed slide.

Finding a Top Ranked Hotel in Santa Clara CA

Hotel Ereal offers affordable Santa Clara accommodations while being conveniently located to most places to visit in Santa Clara CA. Boomerang Bay Water Park is just ten minutes from Hotel Ereal. There are 74 well-appointed guest rooms at Hotel Ereal which also offers onsite parking, wireless Internet, a heated outdoor swimming pool, sundeck and televisions with premium channels. Stay at our pet-friendly hotel in Santa Clara CA and explore all the major attractions of The South Bay. Book your stay directly on our website today and save!

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Mar 15

California’s Great America is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Santa Clara. The grand reopening in 2017 will usher in a plethora of new rides and will surely increase the fun quotient for families. The amusement park including the water park is just as popular among tourists as it is among locals. Check the calendar for operating hours and when the park and the water park are open for thrill seekers.

Explore California’s Great America

California’s Great America is a haven of roller coasters, thrill rides including kids’ friendly and family friendly rides, a host of private and public events as well as a complete dining experience for people of all ages.

The popular rides at the most happening of all places to see in Santa Clara CA are neatly categorized according to the thrill level, parental presence, and minimum height. You should check the requisites and choose the rides you think are suited for your kids. There is personnel at every ride who would also reiterate the requisites at the time of checking in for each ride. Coasters, thrill rides, and water park activities are distinctly lucid about the requisites. Only kids’ rides are accessible for children without the presence of a parent or adult alongside.

Great America offers the most exhilarating amusement park rides in Northern California. With over 40 rides, The Park boasts amusement for all ages. The Demon and Grizzly are the oldest coasters with newer additions like Gold Striker and Flight Deck are just half of the roller coasters in The Park. There are over a dozen thrill rides such as Drop Tower which is a 227-foot tower where riders free fall. The Park also offers multiple water rides and Boomerang Bay, which is The Park’s water park whose admission is included with general entry.

Great America Pavilion, which is an integral part of California’s Great America, spans 18,000 sq. ft. The multipurpose facility is next to Levi’s Stadium and can be used for corporate events, private parties, concerts and product launches among others. All events are furnished with state of the art amenities. Great America Pavilion has catering options. Organizers can opt for anything from lobster to steak, turkey to pasta, salads to desserts. The place can easily accommodation up to two thousand people. There are sixty-five hundred parking slots outside.

Finding Hotels in Santa Clara

Hotel EREAL is one of the finest hotels in Santa Clara. You could choose a Single Queen room furnished with air conditioning, a queen size bed, free wireless internet, cable with premium channels, fridge and microwave, private bathroom with shower and tub, hair dryer and access to the onsite pool. You may choose a Single King room or a Double Queen room. There’s complimentary breakfast for all guests.

Hotel EREAL is less than fifteen minutes from California’s Great America. It is a family friendly hotel with business-friendly amenities, befitting for leisure travelers with kids and business travelers. You could spend a whole day at the park and retire to your comfortable accommodation relishing our fine service and accommodations.

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Mar 01

As one of the biggest cities in the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara has become a popular destination for all types of travelers from those seeking entertainment at Levi’s Stadium to business travelers visiting the many corporate parks. Those planning on experiencing the very best of the Bay Area can’t go wrong if they choose Santa Clara as their next destination. From professional sports events and exclusive dining options to shopping opportunities and family activities, Santa Clara has something for everyone. In case you are interested in the best places to experience in Santa Clara with your family, then definitely put California’s Great America Amusement Park on your list.

California’s Great America – Fun for Everyone

California’s Great America is one of the largest amusement parks in California, covering an area of one hundred acres. This popular amusement park was officially opened in 1976. Back then, it was operated by Marriot Corporation. After its initial success, Marriot Corporation experienced some difficulties and decided to sell this park. Throughout the last several years, the park has changed ownership several times. However, since 2006 , it has been owned by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

When it comes to thrills rides, California’s Great America Amusement Park currently has six amazing thrill rides. For example, the Xtreme Skyflyer is known as one of the most intense rides in the park. Skydiving and hang gliding at 153 feet above ground promise great fun and many unforgettable moments. The Drop Tower is a classic drop thrill ride, which allows visitors to feel the power of gravity by descending 22 stories in 3 seconds. This is one of the tallest structures of this kind in the world. The Orbit has a large hydraulic system that can take people to heights beyond 80 feet above ground. The speed increases gradually which means that its riders have time to prepare for an extreme ride. We should also mention the Tiki Twirl, a thrill ride inspired by Hawaiian culture. Enjoy the beautiful tribal music while you are twisting and turning in the air along with dozens of other people.

Water Park in Santa Clara

If you want to enjoy water slides, then you can count on California’s Great America. Boomerang Bay is a water park that is part of California’s Great America. The park has ten attractions with different intensity ratings. One of the most visited and intense water slides in the park is Down Under Thunder, a 2-person inner-tube water slide.

Staying in Santa Clara near Great America

The adventurous California’s Great America Amusement Park is just one of the many places to visit in Santa Clara. A trip to Santa Clara requires a comfortable accommodation and this is where Hotel EREAL enters the conversation. We have clean and modern rooms that are fully equipped, professional services and friendly staff. These are the things that make us one of the best hotels in Santa Clara. Book your stay in Santa Clara today at Hotel EREAL:

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Feb 15

For centuries, universities have been the primary sources of enlightenment for many people. They provide an excellent, pristine atmosphere for learning and improving your knowledge. One of the most important, most highly distinguished universities, one that consistently produces distinguished scientists and scholars, is Stanford University. One of the most beautiful aspects of the Stanford campus is the famous Hoover Tower. We believe that it’s the duty of every explorer and traveler to see this great sight at least once in his lifetime.

What Makes the Hoover Tower so Special?

Hoover Tower was erected by the namesake Herbert Hoover before he became president of the United States of America. He donated an extremely large amount of books, mainly on the subject of the early twentieth century history. His mission with this effort was to found a “library of war, revolution and peace.”

The first nine floors used as libraries as they are all chock full of books. The rest of the floors are used as offices. If you’re a fan of twentieth century literature, then you will be delighted to know that the author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn lived on the eleventh floor of this building for a while when he was exiled from the Soviet Union for his political views and expressed opinions on the system of the Soviet Union.

The tower is visited by approximately 200 visitors on a daily basis. It’s a really popular site. If you’re not a student at Stanford, then you will have to pay a nominal fee in order to get into the tower. But we guarantee the small fee will be worth every penny.

The tower itself is beautiful to look at. The visitors are known to take a lot of photos here. It’s an excellent way to preserve a memory or two of the place in the form of a photo. It’s a magnificent tower, designed in the taste of modern American architecture, while still maintaining a dignified, timeless appearance as such older buildings do.

We definitely recommend that you visit this tower if you have any inclination towards literature, art and science. It is an excellent destination where you and your friends will enjoy the time spent. Of all the places to explore near Santa Clara, we personally love this one best.

Where to Find an Accommodation?

This is the logistical part of this blog post. Since there are many hotels in the area around the tower, we feel that it won’t be a big issue for you to find a place to stay. Santa Clara, CA lodging is easy to be found. But if you still need a place to stay, we recommend that you contact us at Hotel EREAL. We offer the finest accommodations money can buy, and you will definitely enjoy your stay at our place.

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